Journey to the Old West

I had an amazing adventure last week with the Las Vegas Photographic Society. We all headed out to Kelso Depot, an old restored train station that used to be a part of the Union Pacific Railroad. The location was great, but it was the journey there that yielded the most interest for me. Our first stop was in the tiny California railroad town of Nipton. I love the starkness of this scene.

Our next stop was at a forrest of great Joshua Trees. As a Las Vegas native, I was surprised I had never seen so many of these fascinating trees together. We stopped in front of an enormous Joshua tree to take pictures. My eye was drawn more toward this dying tree just a few yards away. It looked so much like a withering, dying hand.

Next up, we stopped at an old, (hopefully!) abandoned junk yard. We hopped the fence at our own peril and snapped some photos. The rust turned these old machines into beautiful colored sculptures.

Now onto the Kelso Depot itself. I enjoyed the clean lines and vintage architecture, I can almost imagine this place in its heyday, hitching a train to parts unknown.

An old post office just outside the Depot, I wonder if they still deliver?

After being set on our own, Beatriz and I headed back to an old, destroyed shack we spotted on the way out. This place was so photogenic, it looked as if it were built as a movie set to a film about the wasteland.  Decay can be so beautiful. This whole trip made me fall in love with the old west and I look forward to doing a whole series on the Old West.

There are more shots from this trip. I'll continue to post them as they are ready. Let me know what you think so far!