Zion Narrows - September 2010

We finally ventured into the Zion Narrows, this time prepared with the proper footwear and walking sticks. The beauty of this place is unmatched. I'm sure this was the first of many trips. The above photo was taken in Orderville Canyon, and slight detour off the Narrows. I think every landscape photographer has a variation of this sort of Narrows shot, but I love the colors and mood. The canyon is so much prettier in the most narrow sections, appropriately.

We came across this balancing stone toward the end of our Narrows hike. When we arrived at this point, the light was hitting the stone perfectly. There was some question as to whether the stone was balancing on it's own or if it was glue or cemented in place. Turns out, due some inconsiderate teenage hikers throwing rocks at it, that is was indeed balancing with no assistance. I was glad to have snapped some photos of it before the scene was ruined for everyone else. We had to start making our way back at this point, as we needed to get to the trailhead before sunset. Zion Narrows! We shall meet again soon!