Mt. Charleston - Impending Storm

While having a picnic with my girlfriend and her family at Mt. Charleston, we noticed some looming storm clouds making their way over the mountains. As we packed everything up, the rain began to pour. The storm seemed to chase us as we departed down the highway toward town. Glancing to my left, this view drew me in. I had to pull over and capture it, I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I'm glad I stopped, and I'm very happy with this image. I love the drama of the clouds and the way the sun's light burst through them to paint the mountain below. A minute later, the light had passed and the scene was gone.

Another example of the dramatic clouds. I love the way the sky looks after a rain, there's not much more beautiful in nature than that. This scene was behind me as I took the previous shot.

More light bursting through the clouds on the road behind us. I almost missed this until Beatriz pointed it out. Always look around. :)