Zion Revisited - August 2010

Back to beautiful Zion National Park. I've become addicted to the beauty and majesty of this place. Storm warnings prevented some photo ops, but I'm happy with a few of the shots I came away with. I love the scale of the above shot, it looks like an enormous ancient temple. My imagination runs wild with possible stories.

The obligatory Zion Narrows shot. I wish we had been able to hike further, but time and weather were against us. I shall return to capture my definitive photo of this remarkable water hike.

Some experimentation with my new ND filter to get some really slow shutter speeds and blur moving water. I love the colors of this one and the silky smooth water. I need to work more on this technique and incorporate it when I return to the Narrows. This was taken just after sunset.

Sunset from the Riverside Walk. I love the greens and reds in this one. It become dark very soon after this. Beatriz and I had to run for our lives toward the trailhead to catch a shuttle to the visitor center before the nocturnal creatures took over their home. We passed a giant spider on the path and I screamed like a little girl.