Zion in (nearly) Winter

Beatriz and I spent a weekend in Zion for our one-year anniversary. The whole park was very quiet and tranquil. I love Zion in the off-season, it's like we had the whole park to ourselves. This view is from the end of the Canyon Overlook trail, a short but lovely hike to an amazing viewpoint of Zion Canyon. We had intended on getting to the top before sunset, but some mischievous mountain goats blocked our path. We had to wait for the goats to continue up the trail in order to progress. They were our mountain guides! Luckily, the creatures eventually made their way off the trail and down the mountain before kicking one of us off the edge! By the time we reached the end of the trail, the sun had set, but it still burned red below the horizon. The scene's cool blue and purple light contrasted well with the burning sky.

Another adventure at beautiful Zion Nat'l Park! More photos from this trip coming soon!