Sky Ablaze

Taken about a month ago atop Exploration Peak Park near Blue Diamond. I perched myself on the edge of a wall surrounding a giant compass rose the top. From this viewpoint, you get a panoramic view of the Las Vegas Valley as well as the mountains surrounding it. It was nearing sunset and I looked at the sky with anticipation. This was going to be a beautiful sunset, I just had to wait it out. It was very cold and windy, and my fingers began to numb very quickly. I had absent-mindedly forgotten my gloves, and boy was I paying for it. The wait was worth it, though, and the sky raged with brilliant reds and oranges. I don't often like to make the sky the focus of an image, but this took my breath away.

This next image was taken a few minutes before the above photo. Just before the sun had passed behind the mountain, rays of light burst through and fell upon the houses below. I like the contrast between the natural world above, and the civilized world below.