Street Walking

Beatriz and I took a walk around the Las Vegas Strip today before work for some HDR fun! Where else can you travel from Paris to Rome to New York City in just a few minutes of walking? The strip is definitely not my cup of tea, but it makes for some fun snapshots and interesting sights.

This was taken just outside The Mirage, where my day job is located. I didn't bring my tripod out of laziness, so I had to crouch down and prop my camera against a railing to steady the camera enough to blur the waterfall and get the exposures I needed for the HDR. Just another example of my willingness to look silly in public for my art! No blisters this time, though.

These next two shots were either taken in Ancient mythological Rome, or just outside Forum Shops at Caesar's. Your guess! This first one makes me imagine this horde of mythological beings charging toward the unassuming tourists. Cherish the thought!