Red Springs Boardwalk

Another shot from our Red Springs outing yesterday. I spent a good 20 minutes lying on my stomach, getting funny looks and comments from everyone passing by. I ended up with a nice splinter in my finger, but the shot was worth it. I love the shadows and symmetry of this image. Again, lovely fall colors in the background. 

Autumn Flame

We spent a beautiful morning at the Red Springs meadow, near Red Rock Canyon. The autumn colors are in full display. The vibrant yellows and reds were quite a sight to see. I saw this leaf, backlit by the sun, and instantly thought of a flame. This photo was in my head before I pressed the shutter. My lovely assistant/girlfriend Beatriz kindly stuck her hands out to cover the lens from the sun's glare. I love this shot.

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From the Vault: Lower Yosemite Falls

I decided to take a look through my Yosemite photos from last April and perhaps find some keepers that I overlooked. I combined a 3 shot bracket in the new HDR Effex Pro and did a bit of tinkering to get something closer to my memory of this beautiful place. I'm quite happy with the result. I'll soon be adding it to the store!

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Zion Narrows - September 2010

We finally ventured into the Zion Narrows, this time prepared with the proper footwear and walking sticks. The beauty of this place is unmatched. I'm sure this was the first of many trips. The above photo was taken in Orderville Canyon, and slight detour off the Narrows. I think every landscape photographer has a variation of this sort of Narrows shot, but I love the colors and mood. The canyon is so much prettier in the most narrow sections, appropriately.

We came across this balancing stone toward the end of our Narrows hike. When we arrived at this point, the light was hitting the stone perfectly. There was some question as to whether the stone was balancing on it's own or if it was glue or cemented in place. Turns out, due some inconsiderate teenage hikers throwing rocks at it, that is was indeed balancing with no assistance. I was glad to have snapped some photos of it before the scene was ruined for everyone else. We had to start making our way back at this point, as we needed to get to the trailhead before sunset. Zion Narrows! We shall meet again soon!

Zion Revisited - August 2010

Back to beautiful Zion National Park. I've become addicted to the beauty and majesty of this place. Storm warnings prevented some photo ops, but I'm happy with a few of the shots I came away with. I love the scale of the above shot, it looks like an enormous ancient temple. My imagination runs wild with possible stories.

The obligatory Zion Narrows shot. I wish we had been able to hike further, but time and weather were against us. I shall return to capture my definitive photo of this remarkable water hike.

Some experimentation with my new ND filter to get some really slow shutter speeds and blur moving water. I love the colors of this one and the silky smooth water. I need to work more on this technique and incorporate it when I return to the Narrows. This was taken just after sunset.

Sunset from the Riverside Walk. I love the greens and reds in this one. It become dark very soon after this. Beatriz and I had to run for our lives toward the trailhead to catch a shuttle to the visitor center before the nocturnal creatures took over their home. We passed a giant spider on the path and I screamed like a little girl.

Mt. Charleston - Impending Storm

While having a picnic with my girlfriend and her family at Mt. Charleston, we noticed some looming storm clouds making their way over the mountains. As we packed everything up, the rain began to pour. The storm seemed to chase us as we departed down the highway toward town. Glancing to my left, this view drew me in. I had to pull over and capture it, I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I'm glad I stopped, and I'm very happy with this image. I love the drama of the clouds and the way the sun's light burst through them to paint the mountain below. A minute later, the light had passed and the scene was gone.

Another example of the dramatic clouds. I love the way the sky looks after a rain, there's not much more beautiful in nature than that. This scene was behind me as I took the previous shot.

More light bursting through the clouds on the road behind us. I almost missed this until Beatriz pointed it out. Always look around. :)

Zion Canyon

Another visit to the beautiful Zion National Park, this time during the busy peak season. Despite the heat, the beauty and majesty of this place is overwhelming. We intended on hiking the "Subway" backcountry trail, but were unable to get permits. We ended up doing the 5 hour Observation Point hike, despite my irrational fear of heights. The view at the end was incredible, however my favorite shot comes from the end of the 15 minute "Archaeological Trail" just outside the visitor center. We plan on hiking The Narrows and Subway trail in August, so expect more photos of Zion then!

Blue Diamond Sunset

Taken from Exploration Park on Blue Diamond. The wind was intense and nearly blew Beatriz and I off the overlook hill. Fortunately, it was well worth the danger to get a great view of a beautiful sunset. They don't call it "Magic Hour" for nothin'.

Another of my favorites from this shoot. I really like the negative space in this image and how it opens up the scene and conveys vastness. It's something I'll try to incorporate into my work more.

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Red Rock - Impending Storm

We finally checked out the new visitor center at Red Rock. It's quite amazing. Did a bit of climbing near Calico II. The day was beautiful and mostly sunny, however storm clouds loomed over the mountains. I took this with my little Canon point and shoot. I love the drama in the clouds.

Yosemite - Tunnel View

The beautiful view of El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Falls from the Tunnel View overlook. After driving for over an hour on non-descript, winding forest roads, we came to a long, dark tunnel. The white light in the distance opened up to this awe-inspiring taste of the adventure ahead.